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Air Cadet Trainer | Mydreamflyer

Air Cadet Trainer

Also See Manual: FMS ACGP Dream Flyer Manual (2)



12 Air Cadet Squadron

Download and Installation of Software

1. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X is the primary software to use with the Dream Flyer. The software must be purchased from any computer software supplier. www.microsoft.com

2. FSUIPC 4 is a freeware download produced by Mr. Peter Dowson. This small program is required to act as a conduit to allow Microsoft Flight Simulator to access programs that are not supplied by Microsoft such as the aircraft and gliders that are downloaded from online sources. Download the software from the website and follow the program instructions to install into the Windows “System” files of your computer. The “fsuipc.dll” file is the only portion of the program that is required to be placed into the system file section of the Windows operating system. www.schiratti.com/dowson.html

3. Schweizer 233a Glider is a freeware download produced by Mr. Wolfgang Piper. He has produced an exact replica of an air cadet glider for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator. He has published it online for free download and use by the general public. Download glider set # 4 from his web site as it contains the Schweizer 233a glider files. Follow the loading instructions that are included within the readme file. www.fsglider.de

4. Saitek is the brand name of the flight controller system that comes supplied with the Dream Flyer. This company produces excellent controllers that work flawlessly with the Dream Flyer. A current set of software and drivers for the Saitek controllers is supplied with the Dream Flyer. Follow the instructions that come with the software for installation. This install is normally done once the flight simulation program is installed and the joystick, throttle, and rudder pedals are ready to be connected to the computer. Updates to the Saitek software may be available from the Saitek website from time to time. www.saitek.com

5. Flight Sim Website is a site dedicated to flight simulation and is supported by thousands of flight sim enthusiasts’ worldwide. There are thousands of aircraft, updates, and sub programs available at this web site that can help make the flight simulation experience more enjoyable and diverse. This web site is not required to make the Dream Flyer operate. It is only provided for general interest. www.flightsim.com