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About Dreamflyer Orders

Feel the flight!

The Dreamflyer™ is lightweight and compact, requires no power and virtually no maintenance. The 3' x 6' footprint enables the Dreamflyer™ to easily fit into any room in the house; it can even be stored in a closet. The black powder-coated steel frame and sports seat provide a pleasing appearance enabling the Dreamflyer™ to fit into any decor. The sports seat provides a comfortable virtual experience. The patent-pending gimbal inner-frame responds to the actions of the control stick in real time.

Dreamflyer™ captures the motion based on simple gravitational movements of the chair initiated by the user in response to the views on the screen. By using gravitational force to generate motions, the Dreamflyer™ has eliminated the need for hydraulics and motors, and associated costly maintenance.

The unit is shipped unassembled in two boxes. Your shipment will include assembly instructions, product warranty and a User Manual to assist you in configuring the Saitek controls to your preferred settings.

Once assembled you then add your monitor (or monitors if using the tri-mount bracket assembly) and plug the two USB connectors into your computer.

Depending on your weight and the weight of the monitor(s) that you add, you may need to adjust the offsetting weight adjustment located at the rear of the pilot seat. Instructions are included. You are now ready to fly!



The Dreamflyer™ unit includes the motion chassis, three-monitor bracket, replica pilot seat, Saitek throttle, control stick and rudder pedals (computer, monitors, software and balancing weights not included).

Dreamflyer Brochure (PDF)

The Retail Price for a Dreamflyer with a three-monitor mount is U.S.$2,999 in the continental U.S. and Canada. The selling price for Dreamflyers elsewhere may vary depending on the cost of shipping and applicable taxes.

Resellers and/or our factory outlet may offer specials from time-to-time.

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The Dreamflyer™ includes the motion chassis; triple-monitor bracket; replica pilot seat; and, the Saitek throttle, control stick and rudder pedals.

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