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Frequently Asked Questions about the Dreamflyer™

Before Purchase Questions:

1. Cost of three monitor assembly? Cost for 3 monitor Dreamflyer is $ 2999.

2. PC requirements? Customer supplies computer and monitors. Cost for single monitor computer system is usually about $1000. Any computer that can run your flight simulator software; almost any desktop can do this now. The computer needs a video card that can drive three monitors if using 3 monitors.

3. What are the largest monitors that can be used? 23 inch monitors are about the largest that can be used.

4. Flying Software? Customer supplied; usually Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Cost about $100.

5. Maximum weight of person? About 250 lbs.

Now that I've Received the Packing Boxes:

1. How much time to assemble? About 8 person hours and you will have a Dreamflyer ready to go including the flight simulation software installation and computer setup. Be very careful not to throw out any parts, like the monitor mounting plates, with the packing material.

2. Balancing weights. Available at Wal-Mart or similar store. Cost about $30 for 2 ten pound and 2 five pound plates.

Trouble Shooting:

1. Why do I need to adjust the joystick base all the way to one side? You don't have the large pipes fully inserted. Make sure all the four joints of the 2 inch diameter pipes are inserted properly.

2. The joystick doesn't seem to be working properly. Move the joystick and the other controls and see if they move as expected on the computer monitor. If not, try a different USB port on your computer as the joystick may be drawing too much power and also check your cable connections.


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