Welcome – Please note that the Dreamflyer has been discontinued and is no longer available

The Dreamflyer works great with the combination of  Oculus, FlyInside  and Leap Motion Software.  The motion of the Dreamflyer matches what the eyes are seeing so you don’t get motion sickness and really feel like you are flying the plane.

The DreamFlyer™ is a cost effective military air cadet trainer and an excellent addition for flying clubs. It enhances the user’s otherwise normal enjoyment of using flight simulation software. The DreamFlyer™ delivers the most extraordinary experience at a price even a recreational pilot can afford.

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The Dreamflyer™ is a personal virtual-reality flight motion simulator designed to enhance the flight simulation experience. The pilot-lead and pilot-induced roll and pitch oscillation is interpreted by the brain to perceive0718-Dreaflyer-Opening-06-S the feeling of flight.

Using their existing flight simulation software flight enthusiasts can enhance their simulation experience for any purpose, whether it’s virtual competitions, instrumentation practice or solo flights.

The regular Dreamflyer™ costs $2250 US.  (charged to your CC as $ 2999 $Cdn.  Other currencies: about 1439 GBP or $ 1999 Euros plus your credit card company currency exchange charges.  Check today’s exchange rates below).  Price includes rudder pedals and mounts for three monitors.  Shipping anywhere to the lower 48 for $400 US.  Please note new telephone number 604.421.7401

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